Hello and Good Morning Fellow Campers
I am Camp Director Steve and welcome to Camp Cool Coffee. You have stumbled upon our new coffee adventure.
This website will devleop as our business grows. Our aim is to establish a community of local coffee afficianados (Campers!), as we explore the world of local artisans, and musicians, and writers in an old-fashioned camp vibe.
We invite you to join us as a Camp Cool Coffee Camper.
Now let me show you where the coffee urn is located and what type of coffees we offer.
Camp Cool Coffee is committed to bringing you the best coffee possible at a variety of price points. They range from very nice offerings that you can enjoy every day, all day to very high end offerings that are very hard to source because they are too cost prohibitive for commercial roasters to turn a profit on.
This is where the fun really begins. Since we are a small batch custom roaster we can maintain manageable quantities on inventory. This also means that our more exotic offerings will be in limited supplies so keep on the lookout for regular updates of our inventory.
Here are a few more thoughts for you campers to contemplate because you are lying awake jacked on caffeine.
Rest assured we do sell decaf coffee that is naturally decaffeinated through a Swiss Water Process.
In the future we will also offer teas so we can have a big tent for the Campers. Coffee can be a very affordable indulgence that is a great way to start your day and if we facilitate a fantastic start to you day all the more fun.
We sell 8oz. bags of coffee so you can experiment and discover the wide variety of flavor profiles inherent in coffee.
In the future we will offer custom roast profiles to suite your preference as well as custom blends. Lastly, like the WPA or the original CCC this is a work in progress so this website will evolve as we grow.